Scheflow Engineers has had the opportunity to be involved in the design and
construction of a number of area park and school sites. Our work has ranged from the
preliminary layout of park sites and recreational areas to the final design of infrastructures and site amenities. Following is a list of projects including our involvement:

Presidential Park - Algonquin - Total Design and Development
Dundee-Crown High School - Tennis Court Complex & Drainage Design
Jacobs High School - Parking Lot, Tennis Courts, Drainage and Detention Design
Citizen Park - Genoa - Improvements Design
Original Algonquin Middle School - Algonquin - Detention and Utility Design
Cornish Park - Algonquin - Site Engineering
Spella Park - Algonquin - Site Engineering
Harvest Glen, Lake County - Park Amenities Design


Harvest Glen Subdivision
Community Park Along Detention Basin
Lake County, Illinois


Cornish Park
Algonquin, Illinois


Original Algonquin Middle School
Algonquin, Illinois


Dundee-Crown High School
Tennis Courts
Carpentersville, Illinois


Ted Spella Park Phase 1
Including Play Lot, Basketball Court
Tennis Courts, Sled Hill and
Pedestrain Bridge
Algonquin, Illinois